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With 23 years of experience, JP Vehicle Services is a garage based in Yarnbrook, Trowbridge, Wiltshire,  can assist with any issues your car or van may have from a blown bulb to a complete engine rebuild at competitive prices with the option of local collection and delivery available.
Offering a selection of services, no job is too small and all are completed at the highest standard.  The services available at JP Vehicle Services are:

Vehicle / Car Servicing – Regular services help prolong the vehicle’s life and identifies any issues.

MOT – Every vehicle must meet the minimum safety level as required by law.

Includes a free retest providing repairs are carried out by JP Vehicle Services.

Local Vehicle Services

Full Diagnostics Test – If a car warning light appears on your dashboard a diagnostics check or fault code check can help identify the issue before additional serious damage occurs.

Clutches and Dual Mass Fly Wheel – The clutch allows the engine power to be applied gradually when a vehicle starts.  If you can hear any noises, then it needs to be repaired before it gets worse.

Local Vehicle Services

Timing Belts / Cambelts – A timing belt, also known as a cambelt, is one of the most crucial components of any engine and when it breaks the damage can be very severe.  Therefore it is very important that it is always in full working order.  Manufacturers always recommend an interval replacement depending on mileage and time.

Brakes – Brakes are subject to wear and tear. If your brakes do not feel right they could be subject to replacement or adjustment. In the event of the above I recommend you have your brakes inspected ASAP.

Local Vehicle Services

Steering and Suspension – The steering and suspension allows you to control the direction your vehicle is traveling whilst limiting the impact of vibrations from the car or uneven road surfaces.

Welding – Welding is a very effective way to carry out repairs on any vehicle, especially older vehicles.  It is also an efficient way to solve rust and corrosion and can prevent a vehicle from any structural damage.

Local Vehicle Services

Air Conditioning – Apart from keeping your vehicle cool in warm weather, it also improves the air quality within your vehicle.  Over time the air conditioning system can weaken when it has not been used for a while which then results in it needing a bit of TLC.

Tyres and Wheel Alignment – Correct wheel alignment can enhance the traction between the tyres and the road and also prolongs the life of the tyres.

Local Vehicle Services

Electrical Work – The electrical system is highly complex.  There are many components and control modules that all contribute to the workings of a modern day vehicle.

Recovery – If you breakdown or need any assistance with a vehicle that refuses to start, JP Vehicle Services offers recovery of any vehicle.

Easily accessible from Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster, Frome and Melksham

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